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Quarry Wire

The wires for the cutting of marble and granite, sintered or electroplated and with different assembling modes allow to meet any need of quarry cutting. Quarry Cutting is a revolution for stone quarrying, which is highly efficient, safe and environmental friendly when in operation. With this technology, quarrying has a high yield of good blocking and the size of blocks thus produced is large. Wire for granite sawing comprises of wire saw beads inserted in a cable and coated with plastic or vulcanized rubber, it is water cooled and a safer way of using diamond wire as the beads remain in place in eventuality of breaking of the cable. The Diameter of Diamond wire saw is from 11.4mm to 12mm to fit all kind of application conditions: quarrying, cutting and profiling marble, granite, limestone, sandstone.

Technical Specification: No vibration while cutting, Low noise, Excellent precision, High cutting speed, Energy consumption reduced to the minimum, Low consumption of water.

Quarry Wire - Product Table

Size of beads No of Beads Per Meter Coating For
11.4 mm 40 Beads Per Meter Plastic & Rubberized Granite, Marble, Onyx, Travertine
11.5 mm
11.6 mm
12 mm