Diamond Cutting Tools Manufacturer

Stationary Wire / Block Dressing Wire

The stationary wire is used mainly for squaring blocks or cutting thick materials. The diamond wire is essentially composed of three main components:
• Steel cable with different diameter depending on the application. The cable is formed by 7 secondary cables with different diameters depending on the type.
• Sintered diamond beads bond and diamond studied for the material to cut.
• Assembly with springs, rubber or plastic. Protects the steel cable from the abrasive action of the stone and also absorbs the energy of the cutting friction of the beads against the stone.

Technical Specification: No vibration while cutting, Low noise, Excellent precision, High cutting speed, Energy consumption reduced to the minimum, Low consumption of water

Stationary Wire / Block Dressing Wire - Product Table

Size of beads No of Beads Per Meter Coating For
8.3 mm 30,36,40 Beads Per Meter Plastic & Rubberized Granite, Marble, Onyx, Travertine
8.5 mm
10.3 mm
10.5 mm
11 mm
11.2 mm